Refereed Publications

Natural gas consumption and economic growth: Evidence from selected natural gas vehicle markets in Europe. G Fadiran, AT Adebusuyi, D Fadiran. Energy 169, 467-477, 2019

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Working Papers

Subsidized labour and firms: Investment, profitability, and leverage. I Marcelin, D Brink, DO Fadiran, HA Amusa. WIDER Working Paper. 2019

Agglomeration and productivity in South Africa: Evidence from firm-level data. H Amusa, N Wabiri, D Fadiran. WIDER Working Paper Series. 2019

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Book Chapters

Path dependence and interdependence in institutions: the Nigerian case. D Fadiran, M Sarr. Peripheral Visions of Economic Development, 320-350

Ongoing Research

  • The Efficiency of Public Expenditures on Basic Services: The Case of South African Municipalities.

  • The Spatial Nature of Government Efficiency & Regime Change: The Case of South African Municipalities.

  • Neighbourhood effects on Municipal Audit Outcomes and Unemployment in South Africa.

  • Is Resource Inefficiency Self-reinforcing? Evidence from The European Union.

  • Institutions and Intra-sub-regional Trade: the ECOWAS Case